Monday, October 18, 2010

Gone Mad.

I very rarely get the chance to sit down and watch TV. But I always make time for Mad Men the show I connect to in so many levels and is continuously more and more intriguing. I'm so suprised I havent blogged much about it so I thought with the finale of Season 4 that I share why I like this show and why it is so important to me. I relate very much to the character of Don Draper. He is a self made man who worked incredibly hard to make it to where he is, and did this all on his own, by finding what he was good at, constantly marketing himself, and mastering his skills. Don has faced rough patches in relationships and with his business and always finds a way to come out on top and become a better businessman and person. The show helped lead me to interning for TrailerPark in Hollywood one of the biggest agencies around, and going to Pratt in NY for my Masters in Digital Arts. During my 2nd and last year here I hope to intern for BBDO or Ogilvy through my college.

The characters have grown so much it is amazing to see their transformation. Peter Campbell who I originally hated has really grown from a spoiled brat to a man, and someone who would clearly replace Don or start his own agency one day and Don see's this in Peter. Peggy has grown more assertive and also a character that could run the company one day. She outworks nearly everyone and carries that Rocky mentality of the underdog rising to the top.

So what can I hope for in Season 5? Less Betty. January Jones is gorgeous, but her character is so childish it makes me not like her. More Roger Sterling, Roger is the only comedy relief of the show and he pulls it in brilliantly. And hopefully for SCDP a rise back to the top!


  1. Thank you for reaching out. I am going to check out your blog more this week :) already like what I see.

  2. I agree with your comments about January J. Your blog is fab. Let's stay connected:).

  3. Alex this is a great blog!, nice writing style, great pictures! I have to add this blog to my bloggermates!


  4. Great blog thanks for your lovely comment!! I love the clothing and style the people from madmen wear..
    I follow you :)

  5. Don is the perfect man (well minus the cheating). I adore him... and I can't say how much I dislike Betty.

  6. Very nice blog!!!)))
    I love Mad Men.