Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today is my 22nd Birthday!

Hooray! My 21'st was pretty lackluster (lol I saw notorious) and didn't even order a drink because my girlfriend at the time wasn't 21. So Saturday I'm going to club Silk with the homies to celebrate! I already made my birthday wish today which I'm certain won't come true ha but hey thats why its a wish.
There won't be much celebrating today, because I have class tonight : ( but I got a chance to head down to one of my favorite bars in SD with the homie Joemell and catch a small art exihibit and get a buzz on!
There was some pretty dope work and if you get a chance you should hit up 923 it's a chill spot and always plays good music.

Sick Paintings.

I like the quote on this poster

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Clockwork Orange.

I wont say much about this film as my writing will do it no justice. This is hands down one of the...if not the best film ever made. Stanley Kubrick is a legend(and one of the main reasons I like film and photography so much!). This movie is a work of genius.
The film released in 1972 and if the main chracter, Alex(Malcomm McDowell) looks familiar to you, you might recognize him more recently as Jeremy Pivens worst enemy on the HBO hit show Entourage.

Ipod is Ipad?

So Apple is really hyping up the Ipad. Basically a huge Ipod Touch or Iphone (But doesnt make calls)  that seems to do everything the touch can do..but gasp... on a bigger screen. I love Apple products. I love the marketing campaigns, the packaging, the products. But I dont know... for some reason with the Ipad I seem unconvinced that I need this. Sure if Steve Jobs handed one over to me, I'm sure I would use it, but it just doesnt seem to blow me away that the same technology in this new piece of machinery is about the same as my phone except it doesnt have a camera and cant run flash. And I get that this is a improved version of the Kindle, the Kindle should have had all this technology in the first place( I mean c'mon they could have added a color screen, it is 2010!) But then again do we really need an improved version of the Kindle... I thought we already had that. Books.
I guess I'll have to wait and see for myself about the new Ipad but for now I'm skeptical especially with the $500 price tag I've been hearing about. Now drop that to $200 and I think you got me. I think.
Don't get me wrong though this really is a cool new device and I think one of the first steps showing us that in the future, everything... tv...laptops...cell phone ...cameras... everything will be connected through one main thing. The Internet.

Watch the official video from Apple here to make up your mind about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



The Hurt Locker was by far the best current war movie I have ever seen. It was intense and REAL. Actually probably to real. It gives an in depth look into the life of a soldier surving in the Iraq War and the trials these solidiers face everyday. It really opens your eyes to these people that serve and fight for our freedoms. Sometimes I think, especially in America, we are so wrapped up in our own business and our self absorbed lives that we forget to see the issues that face the world... this film lets the eye see what otherwise it may not want to see, or may not even want to know. Whether you support the war or not these men and women are still risking their lives everyday for our country. Thank you to all of them.

Also on the issue of real world issues nothing breaks my heart more right now then to turn on the news and see the people of Haiti suffering. If you havent already I strongly encourage anyone reading this blog to give what you can to help rebuild that country and to help the people. I couldnt imagine living through some of the horrors these people have had to face these last few weeks. Im not sure if
H &M is still doing this or not but you have the option to donate their when you purchase clothing from them. Also I know actor Ben Stiller has a charity that makes it easy to donate money directly to Haiti via texts or online. Please check out if you haven't given!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 25 Most Stylish Men in the World, 2010 Style:

The 25 Most Stylish Men in the World, 2010 Style:

Follow the link to place your vote. It looks like Robert Patterson is in the lead. A few of my favorites are definetly missing from this list, Kanye, JT, John Krasinski etc etc but overall a decent list. My vote went to Pharrell Williams from the Neptunes, but I guess he was no match for a vampire.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, Im In Love.

In my almost 22 long ones (Birthday January 28th!!!) I've come to realize a few things. Alot of stuff about life, alot of things about love. Alot about how the two are intertwined. Putting a notch in the old belt is all to easy. Infatuation is fleeting. That feeling you get in the beginning where someone feels perfect, seems to good to be true, but you realize its nothing more than a crush. Love is something special. When someone doesn't need to put on their A game or a front, when makeup no longer matters, when you can see through the physical into the soul. A day where you can be doing absolutely nothing and be having the time of your life.
I don't care if monday's black
Tuesday wednesday heart attack
Thursday never looking back
It's friday i'm in love

Check the video here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

And the best TUX & TIE goes too...

John Krasinksi. One of my favorite actors in Hollywood. He always seems to dress well, even in his roles on the screen in the office and the recent comedy starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, "Its Complicated". John seemed to be one of the few, or maybe the only one of the guys who stepped out of the box and wore a navy blue TUX & TIE, instead of the traditional black. Sweet. His fiancee Emily Blunt looked gorgeous in her dress. Good match.
The globes was a lot duller than I had hoped but I was very excited to see "the man" Martin Scorsese to win the Demille award and Avatar for best motion picture. YES!

my reality just set in. and even when the phantoms leased the hoes wanna get in.

Drake. He spits some deep shit and some of his realest lyrics are in this song. I guess in todays age and the way people treat each other you kind of have to embrace the successful attitude(money cars clothes hoes lol). And with all the hype from his album and mixtape drake has definitely reached that success.
Get the album So Far Gone

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keep it on the down yo we keep it discrete!

I see you.

Avatar was one of the best movies I've seen in a while and I think 100% should win the Academy Award for Best Picture for its creativity, acting, and positive messages. It has that rare ability that makes you feel as though you are apart of the fictional world of Pandora, and when it's over you were still wishing you were back their. The surprise for me was to see Sam Worthington, who I had previously written off as a terrible actor for the horrible new Terminator Salvation, however he was perfect for his role in Avatar. And Zoe Saldana shines as Neytiri. I could go on about this one forever, the worlds are beautiful, the 3D actually enhances the film, the Na'vi are incredibly intriguing. The action is amazing, you really feel for the Na'vis culture and the romanticism of true love is endearing. It reminded me of a mix between Dances with Wolves if you blended it with Final Fantasy X. James Cameron, thank you for creating yet another brilliant film!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

love triplets.

It seems to me that Hollywood has found its new niche in the way love stories are told. Rather than grab Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and throw have them fall in love, we follow the lives of multiple love stories, all of which are interconnected in some way, played by every popular actor and actress we can think of. The newest venture being Valentines Day. The trailer for the movie appears to be almost the exact same movie as the other two posters shown above, New York I Love You and Hes Just Not Into You. None the less it has a great cast and looks like it could actually be pretty good. Oddly enough break out star from The Hangover, Bradley Cooper, is in all three. If only Scarlett Johansson could have been in this new one!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From a mess to the masses!

get the French rock bands album here... Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

No More String Dance?

NBC is in a heated debate right now bringing new found drama to the station. As the war rages we can be sure of one thing, if you read Conan O'Briens statement. If he has to go after Jay Leno again he walks. And good for him... O'Brien has always been my favorite Late Night act and paid his dues as the Late Late Show. I even got the opportunity to see him live in Hollywood over the summer. Lets hope they work something out or Conan strikes up a deal with another major station... Anyways his show last night was hilarious! He is definetly letting out his full wrath on NBC.
Catch the madness here..

Monday, January 11, 2010


The Simpsons has been amongst one of my favorite shows of all time. Groundbreaking and incredibly funny they paved the way for generations of shows to come. The 20 year special that aired on fox was amazing. It really showed so much how The Simpsons plays such a dramatic role in our global culture from rides to memorabilia. The special is equipt with all sorts of fun and interesting facts, like that many of the characters were named after streets in Portland, Oregon and Springfield is based on that very city.

One of my favorite scenes in modern cinema...

So Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo Dicaprio came on TV yesterday.
There is something about this scene... It gets to me every fucking time. Anytime I hear the song "Kissing You" from Des'ree, I can close my eyes and time suddenly freezes around me.... as soon as i hear that slow tune coming in from the grand piano ...  I am locked in a dream.
Yes, the movie may be a little over the top, but the best films often are just that. Outlandish. But if your willing to let a classic blend itself into modern times this is surely the best effort Romeo and Juliet ever had... that is if they ever had a chance. I'm starting to think that the greatest love stories are tragic and don't always have a happy ending. Maybe thats what makes them so great. Sorry the clip is in espanol.

"But watching stars without you, my soul cried"

Get it here...William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Devil In Georgia?

I love this song and I the video is perfect for it!

Friday, January 8, 2010

lupe FIASCO!

Lupe Fiasco has to be the best lyricist hands down. I debated which song I would put up it was either this or my other favorite Lupe song, "Dumb It Down".  I relate to this one so look up dumb it down on youtube and listen to one! DOPE.
Well I know I'm not the coolest And this might sound kind of foolish Cause I know I'm not the smoothest Told myself I shouldn't do this Cause I'm not very well suited Not the popularist of students We ain't in the same crowd Always see you with the hoopers But we got the same lunch You might see me with the cooler That's cause I don't eat pork You can never be surer Oh you like Linkin park Thats the hat from the tour I got a autographed shirt they wrote “much love 2 ya” Man that's really funny how we like the same music But I really love jazz I was gonna play the tuba I tried to join the band they said I was really really bad Didn't really make me sad I'm used to being the loser But you, I think you're super So much, I had to pursue ya I don't believe the things they say or the football teams rumors The quarterback cant spell I'm his after school tutor 
I just took a cue from cupid but Now I think its stupid. Im- Im sorry

Link to Dumb it Down
Buy Lupes latest cd The Cool

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I finally got the chance today to watch, El Crimen de Padre Amaro (The Crime of Padre Amaro). It dealt with some pretty heavy issues, and although I wouldn't say it was a bad movie I wouldn't give this film my highest praises. Although the acting is great and Gael Garcia Bernal, one of my favorite actors was great in the film. Other great films with him include, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Amores Perros which I definitely recommend each of them! All and all the crime was a good movie, just not one of my tops.

Now you've officially been chopped and screwed!

Photography by Alex Ingram

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alicia Keyes is the truth

Check the end of this video when she reaches out for the guys face... real.

album...The Element of Freedom

Be Kind Rewind...Gondry

One of my favorite directors Michael Gondry directed this film, Be Kind Rewind, which is just amazing. The range of actors from the hilarious Jack Black to Rapper Mos Def and veterans Mia Farrow and Danny Glover are all perfect for their roles.
Gondry is so creative its amazing to see his thought process on film, with the reinterpretations of the movies that they are using.
The ending always gets to me, there is something about the community coming together and relying on eachother that is so beautiful and so human that it really just hits you, and shows you that in the hardest times the people we hold close are always there for us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sea of Love.

Learning guitar is about the greatest feeling ever. Yes I suck. I started about a week and a half ago and I seem to be going pretty strong at it. I'm trying to venture off from the basic tutorials and learn a few songs and Sea of Love from Cat Power (Juno soundtrack) was the top of my priorities! Hopefully in about 2 more weeks I can put this piece back on here with a whole hell of alot of improvements and no pauses. Either that or I'l have to step up my iMovie game to erase the pauses, this is the first time I've ever used it. ha.
If you want to here the actual song... which is just incredibly beautiful and brings back some good memories, l I recommend you purchase this album... Juno
it has a lot of songs that are really fun to listen to.

Ed Wood.

Ed Wood is one of the reasons I love movies. And the reason why Johnny Depp has been my favorite actor for as long as I can remember and why Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors. It's been so long since I've seen this movie, so I ordered on iTunes yesterday. Gotta love the eccentric! Be on the lookout for other surprise stars of the film Sarah Jessica Parker and the legend, Bill Murray.

Get it here ...
Ed Wood (Special Edition)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Damn. Fuck. Shit. Jelly Beans.

Photography by Alex Ingram. Damn. Fuck. Shit. Its what you get when your bored on winter break!

Next One.

Very surprised my friend Ryan from Ohio called me yesterday and told me one of the homies was in this video. Putting my little town of Renynoldsburg, Ohio on the map! He's the one in the hoodie with the bird tattoo across the chest. Check it out!
On to the next one!
The Blueprint 3 [Explicit]

Am I dreaming through life or living a dream?

With all the unexpected that happened last year I often pose the question to myself, "Am I dreaming through life?" Sometimes events happen that are so shocking, so unreal, you have to pinch yourself to know if whether or not it really happened. Other times you don't want to the pinch to ever happen because everything is going so good that it has to be a dream, sometimes one you'd rather not wake up and remove yourself from.
Waking Life is an amazing film documenting the life of a young man who is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you gain conciseness of yourself during the dream and are able to take control of the dream itself...or at least make better since of it. The film allows you to travel through the dream world meeting many interesting people, characters, and theories about life. It was filmed using live action rotoscope film which gives it a unique look as the characters are constantly being phyciscally manipulated. Directed by Richard Linklater, "Waking Life" is a great piece of work with enough theory to keep you thinking for years to come.
 Get it here  ... Waking Life

Sunday, January 3, 2010

80's ish

Cuz when I hear those drums late at night..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Headed into 2010.

 This year is full of changes... my last semester at csusm, graduating from college, moving to the city.. The New Year started off great and I made a few resolutions to keep it that way..
1. Focus on me,  and keep myself at #1.
2. Try and make things right with people I care about and don't worry about the rest.
3. Lend a helping hand more often.

The Burning of Rome!

My friend and magager at the Gap, Joe, is in a band called The Burning of Rome. They recently got a music video made which I think is amazingly creepy.  It was shot 2 Nikon D90's and was editied in Final Cut Pro and directed by Kevin Joelson. Check it out. In the video Joe is the guy in the yellow shirt.
You can view more about the band and their music at their myspace here...
Take a close look at Joe, I swear he looks exactly like Justin Long.