Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alex Bag.

My video teacher referred me to the artist Alex Bag and her work has really inspired me. Like me she teeters the line between fine art and commercial art. The piece I have been most interested in is called Untitled Fall 95' which documents the fake story of an SVA student over the course of their studies at SVA. It is hilarious because it reminds me so much of people that I know. She starts out as a fun and happy art student willing to learn who is slowly sucked into the New York art scene and becomes a pretentious snob who overlooks her professors, fellow students, etc all to eventually leave art entirely and work at a coffee shop. Throughout the piece she also segways between the art student confessional with references to other New York types, and bad experiences with odd teachers and men.
I like this piece because it is still relevant in 2010 and accurately describes many of the students in the art culture and a youth culture that refuses to grow up and is then forced too.

Watch the whole piece here. If your an artist as well I'd love to here what you think.