Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't say ASAP.

I realized I haven't posted for a week as I have busy with my internship and job, so I wanted to share a movie I recently re-watched that I think is brilliant. Funny People I feel was a completely underrated comedy in terms of the box office and from some of the critics ratings. But in my opinion the film is brilliant. The ensemble cast is perfect and this is one of Adam Sandler's best performances. I love the raunchy jokes and when your watching the movie it almost feels as though you are just hanging out with some of the funniest people in comedy. The first time I saw the film I thought that it was funny but went a little to deep in the emotions, but upon re watching it I think it was one of the smartest comedies I had ever seen, that is able to mix  concepts of true love and friendship and somehow seamlessly mix that with penis humor. If you haven't seen it or if you are a fan of Judd Apatow I recommend you check this one out.


  1. I still have to check out this movie. Thanks for reminding me! I have now added it to my Netflix queue.


  2. Your welcome. It is hilarious. Hope you enjoy it!