Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Always knew I was an artist.

Growing up I was always different, even when I tried my hardest to blend in with the crowd. While being unique used to be a trait that I loathed, it has come to be one of my favorite traits. Extraordinary people didn't get to where they are by blending in, but rather by embracing their quality and letting it lead them to great places.
I am moving to Brooklyn in two weeks and I am incredibly excited, but at the same time I am starting to realize that the world I know is going to change all over again. I got a bit nostalgic looking through old photographs and drawings from my past, but came to a good conclusion when I saw this drawing and many more.
I am an artist and I love to create. My career ambition as a child was to be a famous artist. I used to direct videos starring my best friends and edit them in camera. I would dream up companies and slogans in class. I was a painter for Halloween on numerous occasions. I feel at ease about this move to know that I have always stayed true to myself and that I am accomplishing the dreams I have envisioned since I was a little boy.
So in two weeks from now when I begin my life with a fresh start at Pratt in Brooklyn , I will be at ease knowing that art has always been apart of me.

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