Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Burchfield. Marclay. Ikeda.

So while at school at Pratt I have got the opportunity to see many great shows and exhibits. It is a great feeling to be so connected to the city and I love going with my fellow students to see the exhibits and here what everyones take on the work is. Just this past week I have went to 2 events. The first was at the Whitney where I examined the work of painter Charles Burchfield. My favorite exhibit however was by Christian Marclay who exhibited his music with pop art artifacts.
Last night I went to the French Inistitute to see a video art piece by Ikeda. This piece was amazing which in my opinion was showing the vastness of the universe and mans relationship to it. The sound was mind blowing in the theatre and at times got so loud that it made alot of the people uncomfortable.
I love that New York has so much culture in the arts and that I get an opportunity to experience it. I can feel my mind evolving and growing and that I am growing as an artist. I am now so eager to create and work on my projects! I will be sure to post some of the work here.

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