Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want you.

I think this video is ill and mad sexy. I love black and whites. Its directed by Vashtie, a dope director and my self admitted celebrity crush. Theophilus's music is very diverse and his mixtape is available online. Check it out its definetly worth checking out. His music is full of hot beats and clever lyrics. I'm feeling like this guy is really gonna blow up. I think they is a chain of events about to happen.. Theophilus becomes the new Cudi, Cudi becomes the new Kanye, Kanye becomes the new Jay Z. But what would that make Jay.. a hip hop diety?


  1. Thank you for your comment! Glad you like my blog, gonna check yours out now too :)
    Cool that your moving to Brooklyn, I love New York, born there.


  2. Great thank you. Be sure to follow here on and twitter at tuxandtie

  3. This video is strange but really cool!!I like it!!