Monday, March 1, 2010

Caulfield Preparatory


The newest issue of GQ has a section full of the top designers to look out for and the work of Vincent Flumiani was chosen for his label
Caulfield Preparatory. Out of all the designers his work stood out to me with a freshness to it. It has a preppy feel, but with an edge. An the cut look amazing, everything is just as slim as it needs to be. Bold patterns are mixed with solids to make eye catching designs full of vibrant colors. It almost seems like it is not from Los Angeles but at the same time has a Southern California feeling.

Check the website at
Check the GQ article here with a full list of all the designers


  1. i agree. the website is amazing. i really like the spring and summer collection!

  2. This a very pulled together look, but still looks effortless, really neat!

    Great Blog :)

  3. I agree the style is effortlessly cool!
    And thank you for your comments!

    so chic and classic
    thanks for sharing as always
    love your blog, keep it up