Sunday, March 14, 2010

San Marcos Fitness Roundup.

For my job/internship I have am the photographer for many events hosted at Cal State San Marcos and throughout San Diego County. Many of these photographs and columns that I write alongside them are published in the Steps Magazine(CSUSM alumni magazine), The North County Times or used for various publications for CSUSM. I love this job! As I wrap up this last school year, I will post some of the pictures on here from my recent events, so they are not just sitting around on my hard drive. I will choose 3-4 images to represent the event.
These photographs are from the First Annual San Marcos Fitness Roundup which was an 11K run throughout San Marcos that ended at CSUSM. The event brought the community together leading in a run that inspired fitness from the young to the eldery. The proceeds from the event went to the CSUSM athletic department!
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