Monday, June 7, 2010

The Jacksons? YES. THE JACKSONS!

Over the weekend I got the opportunity to intern for Vanessa Florez who heads her own company entitled Aesthetic Everything that hosts major events in the Los Angeles area. This event took place at the Beverly Hills Country Not only did I get to work with incredibly high end cameras and talented folks, I also got the chance to mingle, and get my own name out there. Highlight of the day definetly had to be meeting Tito Jackson from the Jackson 5 and Taryl, his son from 3T. Amongst them other celebrites attended the event such as cast members from Glee, Lost, and enough Playboy Playmates to fill up the mansion. Amazing day overall and learned a lot and of course most importantly made a ton of connections!

Check out the Aesthetic Everyhing Page here

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