Monday, August 2, 2010


In my quest to establish myself as some sort of success I have taken to reading every book I can on advertising, art direction, business management, and new techniques in the practice of digital arts. I have never quite had the ambition to read until this Summer. I think it is because I am out of school and actually realized I have real earning potential and furthering my own knowledge can help increase what I am earning. I am currently reading The King Of Madison Avenue, my second book this summer on the exceptional, David Oglivy. I will be periodically sharing a few quotes from the book that I enjoy. Here is one of the first.

"New York is a city of freaks; there is always room for one more of everything."


  1. That's inspiring. So there's room for one more creative enthusiast like myself

  2. Exactly. I will be there in a week so hopefully it has room for me too!