Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great Week.

I always want to allow my readers to connect with me so I wanted to share a few updates.
We recently moved into our new building at Pratt which is absolutely amazing and my office is dope now. We will also be getting our own studios next week. Take a look at the space!

Also this past weekend I was able to check out the NYC Marathon from my balcony.

NYC is such a great city to live in, but I love to travel and see more. I'd love to know where are you from and what makes your city special.


  1. Well, come visit me and discover a ladies guide to art. And thanks for sharing the "Mad Men" post.I'm mad about that show, too.


  2. i want to your pics make it look dope!

  3. The space looks so comfortable!!
    congrats! is always goot to move energy!
    Tonio, from the lovely san BLOG
    Hope you like my blog.
    See you

    All fashion lovers, must peep in.

  4. Ummm london coz it the s**t, best city ever...ever! I've fallen for new york though, so much so i tried to get a job out there, the visa issue/debate was a real slap in the face.