Monday, November 15, 2010

November Ads

As I gear towards a career in art and advertising I wanted to include a monthly posting of some of my favorite ads and a short description of why I like them and why I think they work. Here are my 2 picks for November.

This commercial is beautifully shot and stands out as very unique with a bizarre twist. The songs are both effective especially when the animals prance in to Blossom Dearies, Doop Doo Dee Doop. Great tagline also, "Just the Right Amount of Wrong".

Good choice of casting using Mad Mens John Slattery. I think the piano theme is haunting and grabs your attention. Futuristic style commercial that makes the Lincoln actually seem cool, a tough feet. There is a follow up commercial incorportating the holiday season as well.

Whats your favorite ad out right now? Submit a link in a comment below!


  1. Wow, I loved that first ad, the music added so much to it. Very cool blog :)

  2. I love that ad! Im gonna have to check out that hotel when im in vegas this new years