Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maestro Knows!

Photo courtesy of Maestros intern, Devlin whose posts you can view here Devlin

Yesterday I took off work early and jetted down to Reed Space in Manhattan to see the homie Levi of Maestro Knows. This is the nicest person you will ever meet and is loaded with intelligence on how to market yourself as a brand name and always inspiring others to work hard and do what they believe in. He was just over in Vegas the night before filming for Usher hopped on a plane and edited his video on the way to NY, helped out the community by lecturing to students, all to later hop back on a plane and continue shooting in Vegas. I will try to post some of the lecture if I get a chance to chop some of the footage which I shot on my point and shoot Nikon S8100. With my conversation with Maestro he definitely gave me some good points on how to promote yourself in a new and big city and how I should approach pricing.

Check his work here at MAESTROKNOWS   nothing out there quite like it

There was also the head of the head of the Jordan Apparel line who I was able to get in touch with about a payed internship for Jordan! :)

Great way to start the week for sure!
Find out more about Reed Space here REEDSPACE

Heres a clip from his website showing an intro to his work with Usher


  1. hey :D great blog
    love the header


  2. wow, amazing, backstage is always exciting.
    the header is cool.

  3. Really cool post. congrats on the almost internsip wwith Jordan. Fingers crossed for you. If you dig mens fashion check out my post on fashion forward menswear from the 40s.. pretty intersting.


  4. i like your blog! that guys life sounds insane! :)

  5. Thank you everyone. I will try and check out everyones blog tomorrow and drop a comment.
    @suceeding yes this man lives a crazy life. very hardworking guy!