Saturday, February 27, 2010

Capstone Project. Sweet Dreams, Night Terrors.

This is a sneak peak into my process of art for my 2010 Capstone Project entitled
Sweet Dreams, Night Terrors. The project is on dreaming, particularly associated with the feeling of being caught in a dream, or a lucid dream. Through it I intend to blur the lines of the real world and the dream world, while defining each of them as separate entities. I chose this topic because sometimes life is just as unpredictable as the real world. Many of the things that were said and done and happened to me in this past year were so shocking that I often was sure if I was awake or dreaming and hoped that I would wake up from it. Sometimes the dream world made more since to me then the real world. I intend on using some of the visual cues associated with lucid dreaming to direct the viewer to determine whether the image they are viewing is the real world or dream world while other will be flat out bizarre recreations of recent dreams I have had.

Early Concept 1 ( The headless bartender full of bad advice)

Early Concept 2 ( Peacefully sleeping, while trapped in a nightmare)

Concept 2 to Life

Title ( Wall Piece)


  1. Alex keep up the good work.. i really like your concept.. maybe in the near future we can collab. considering I have crazy dreans as well. lol. well see you in class wed.