Saturday, December 26, 2009

Amelie. Romantic.

 At least you'll never be a vegetable- even artichokes have hearts.        
      It's hard to believe that just yesterday, on Christmas Day was the first time I watched Amelie. While I was at the rental store, scowering the racks to find it, I was instantly greeted by an employee from the store who gave me their seal of approval for my choice. The woman at the register could not stop raving about Amelie. As I left and peered down at the box, it boldly reads, "She'll change you life."
I came home with one question on my mind... would Amelie live up to the hype that was building, was it really that good. The answer is yes, and the film is a life changer. It documents the story of a young woman named, Amelie, and her efforts as a new do-goooder. Not only was it filmed beautifully, the story was well interwoven, and all of the elements worked. Amelie really makes you think about life and love and how to two subjects are so interconnected and essential to us. It also leave to thought how much we take for granted and how the people we pass by everyday on the street, could be your next friend, love, or foe for that matter. By far the most romantic film I've ever seen, Amelie will change your life.

Purchase Amelie here... Amelie

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