Monday, December 28, 2009


I decided to sketch today... something I thought I had given up the will to do. I have not done a sketch for maybe one year now. It seems the sadly we are so immersed in our computer age of Facebook and Photoshop that we rarely embrace the tactile skills we all have, in this case actually pressing the charcoal against the paper. Sadly with my lack of practice, I've made  Mr. Brando's face an unrecognizable figure, but will forever remain with the late actor is a list of films that will forever remain in our hearts and minds. Everyone of his performances are as captivating as the last, but my personal favorite has to be "A Streetcar Named Desire." It has a timeless element and while you know that the movie takes place a long time ago the movie feels fresh and the conflict is ever present. Don't even get me started on other masterpieces... "Apocalypse Now" "Last Tango In Paris" and "The GodFather" series. Surprisingly I've never seen "The Wild One" though, which I'm sure I would love. I'm sure I'll get to it very soon!
Photography by me, via the 
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