Friday, May 14, 2010

Chris Brown. Then And Now.

"When I first saw you, I said to my self girl who you lookin good for, who you talkin to, who that fella is standin right next to you"

I swear Chris Brown was the next big thing, but got lost along the way. I wonder if he would have kept the his squeaky clean image, if he would still be on top. Heres a look at Chris Brown then and now. And while I may like the beat to the his new song, "Holla At Me" below, i can't say that the song my favorite, or that it helps his image at all.
What do you like better. The old CB or the new, rapping CB.


  1. I think it's real whack....I get what he's doing but yea he has no credibility for that type of shit. You can't go from kiss kiss to this. Sorry Chris.

  2. ya i feel ya. u cant go from assault to saying "and we straight to the crib, i aint taking her to dinner" i feel like as an r and b artist hes wiping out almost his entire female base

  3. I love chris brown reardless of what music he makes or the mistakes he has one is perfect. I was a fan of his from the beginning and i will be till the end. <3

  4. The second video makes Tyga look like the devil who converted him lol