Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Bullshit

Chris Brown - No Bullshit from Terrell Johnson on Vimeo.

Im still not sure if I like Chris Browns rap tracks but I finally got around to downloading and listening to Fan of a Fan and I gotta admit its pretty dope. There are a few stand out tracks and I think, No Bullshit and Deuces are the hottest tracks. Every guy I think knows exactly what no bullshit means. HA.
Regardless I actually think this is the best marketing scheme ever. Brown tried to do his good guy thing and released Grafitti with songs like Crawl but the world didnt by it (and they didnt buy it!) So I tihnk his best thing is to play off this bad boy image. Strange that a guy could beat a woman, make songs about how wrong he can treat them, and be liked by women even more. I guess feminism is dead.
Enough rant. Hot song. Dope Video. Return of Chris Breezy.

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