Friday, January 8, 2010

lupe FIASCO!

Lupe Fiasco has to be the best lyricist hands down. I debated which song I would put up it was either this or my other favorite Lupe song, "Dumb It Down".  I relate to this one so look up dumb it down on youtube and listen to one! DOPE.
Well I know I'm not the coolest And this might sound kind of foolish Cause I know I'm not the smoothest Told myself I shouldn't do this Cause I'm not very well suited Not the popularist of students We ain't in the same crowd Always see you with the hoopers But we got the same lunch You might see me with the cooler That's cause I don't eat pork You can never be surer Oh you like Linkin park Thats the hat from the tour I got a autographed shirt they wrote “much love 2 ya” Man that's really funny how we like the same music But I really love jazz I was gonna play the tuba I tried to join the band they said I was really really bad Didn't really make me sad I'm used to being the loser But you, I think you're super So much, I had to pursue ya I don't believe the things they say or the football teams rumors The quarterback cant spell I'm his after school tutor 
I just took a cue from cupid but Now I think its stupid. Im- Im sorry

Link to Dumb it Down
Buy Lupes latest cd The Cool

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