Tuesday, January 26, 2010



The Hurt Locker was by far the best current war movie I have ever seen. It was intense and REAL. Actually probably to real. It gives an in depth look into the life of a soldier surving in the Iraq War and the trials these solidiers face everyday. It really opens your eyes to these people that serve and fight for our freedoms. Sometimes I think, especially in America, we are so wrapped up in our own business and our self absorbed lives that we forget to see the issues that face the world... this film lets the eye see what otherwise it may not want to see, or may not even want to know. Whether you support the war or not these men and women are still risking their lives everyday for our country. Thank you to all of them.

Also on the issue of real world issues nothing breaks my heart more right now then to turn on the news and see the people of Haiti suffering. If you havent already I strongly encourage anyone reading this blog to give what you can to help rebuild that country and to help the people. I couldnt imagine living through some of the horrors these people have had to face these last few weeks. Im not sure if
H &M is still doing this or not but you have the option to donate their when you purchase clothing from them. Also I know actor Ben Stiller has a charity that makes it easy to donate money directly to Haiti via texts or online. Please check out www.stillerstrong.org if you haven't given!!!

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