Saturday, January 16, 2010

I see you.

Avatar was one of the best movies I've seen in a while and I think 100% should win the Academy Award for Best Picture for its creativity, acting, and positive messages. It has that rare ability that makes you feel as though you are apart of the fictional world of Pandora, and when it's over you were still wishing you were back their. The surprise for me was to see Sam Worthington, who I had previously written off as a terrible actor for the horrible new Terminator Salvation, however he was perfect for his role in Avatar. And Zoe Saldana shines as Neytiri. I could go on about this one forever, the worlds are beautiful, the 3D actually enhances the film, the Na'vi are incredibly intriguing. The action is amazing, you really feel for the Na'vis culture and the romanticism of true love is endearing. It reminded me of a mix between Dances with Wolves if you blended it with Final Fantasy X. James Cameron, thank you for creating yet another brilliant film!

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