Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ipod is Ipad?

So Apple is really hyping up the Ipad. Basically a huge Ipod Touch or Iphone (But doesnt make calls)  that seems to do everything the touch can do..but gasp... on a bigger screen. I love Apple products. I love the marketing campaigns, the packaging, the products. But I dont know... for some reason with the Ipad I seem unconvinced that I need this. Sure if Steve Jobs handed one over to me, I'm sure I would use it, but it just doesnt seem to blow me away that the same technology in this new piece of machinery is about the same as my phone except it doesnt have a camera and cant run flash. And I get that this is a improved version of the Kindle, the Kindle should have had all this technology in the first place( I mean c'mon they could have added a color screen, it is 2010!) But then again do we really need an improved version of the Kindle... I thought we already had that. Books.
I guess I'll have to wait and see for myself about the new Ipad but for now I'm skeptical especially with the $500 price tag I've been hearing about. Now drop that to $200 and I think you got me. I think.
Don't get me wrong though this really is a cool new device and I think one of the first steps showing us that in the future, everything... tv...laptops...cell phone ...cameras... everything will be connected through one main thing. The Internet.

Watch the official video from Apple here to make up your mind about it.

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