Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today is my 22nd Birthday!

Hooray! My 21'st was pretty lackluster (lol I saw notorious) and didn't even order a drink because my girlfriend at the time wasn't 21. So Saturday I'm going to club Silk with the homies to celebrate! I already made my birthday wish today which I'm certain won't come true ha but hey thats why its a wish.
There won't be much celebrating today, because I have class tonight : ( but I got a chance to head down to one of my favorite bars in SD with the homie Joemell and catch a small art exihibit and get a buzz on!
There was some pretty dope work and if you get a chance you should hit up 923 it's a chill spot and always plays good music.

Sick Paintings.

I like the quote on this poster

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