Monday, August 30, 2010

Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson

This was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever attended. The Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson was an event held at Prospect Park here in Brooklyn celebrating Michael Jacksons Birthday. Spike Lee hosted this event for the 2nd year and it was amazing to see so many people come together peacefully to sign and dance all day to MJ. Special guests were there and had performances from Snoop and Warren G and of course the great Spike Lee was there. This was something  I will never forget and if you are a Michael fan I encourage you to come next year! I know I will be there again!

I have seen this painter all over NYC. Great work.

Snoop, Warren G, and Spike.


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    ASH! Xoxo

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  2. hey thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. followed you too.


  3. would have given up my MJ album collectiont to go to this !

  4. looked like a SICK party! and that red jacket in the 1st pic. SICK too!!!!


  5. How fun. I seriously want a red sequin jacket now!

  6. how we miss him, he is a god of music! he was shocked! fellow, that he devoted a post!