Saturday, August 7, 2010

Knowledge + Creativity

I've never really been a fan of reading. Call it a product of being groomed in our modern age, but my attention span for a classroom novel has never been very high. That has been changing over the past year however as I am realizing how important my knowledge is to my success. The idea of learning not only for the sake of entertainment or knowledge, but rather the prospect to earn more money is making what used to be a task much more engaging to me.

Currently I am finishing up two books at once. One is entitled "The King of Madison Avenue" about world famous Ad Man David Ogilvy and the other book is "How To Make it As An Advertising Creative", which I have added a quote below which helps further my enthusiasm for school.
"If you have picked up this book because you think you might want to work as an advertising creative and you are wondering whether you have to take college to get such a job, there is a simple answer to your question. You do."


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  2. i love reading - takes up far too much if my time though!

  3. Thank you everyone.
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